Wednesday, August 25, 2021

New IPCC Report Indicates Significant Changes Ahead for Climate

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The new IPCC Report that came out recently indicates that climate has changed significantly and that significant change is ahead. The report, linked here, is worth a read or at least a scan so that you can see the graphs and tables that summarize much of the information.

As a reminder, the IPCC does not create new research, but instead summarizes the research output of hundreds of scientists from around the world. Thus, the report provides a glimpse of what is happening around the world on a range of climate issues--and the results are not great.

Overall, the world is warming. Plus, we are seeing more extreme weather and extreme droughts. In addition, the climate models suggest significant loss of sea and continental ice in the coming decades and lots of issues with agriculture. Temperatures are expected to rise between 1 degree and 5.7 degrees C by the close of the century. We are also likely to see more extreme weather events such as extreme precipitation and heat waves.

Of course, there is still time to make a shift away from a carbon economy. But, we are very quickly running out of time.

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