Monday, August 9, 2021

Meatless Monday Part 5: Deepening Your Commitment

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I am concluding my Meatless Monday Series today with a look at how to deepen your commitment to Meatless Monday. Links to the previous posts in the series are at the end of today's post. 

Okay, so you've been doing Meatless Monday more or less for a while now. What's next? How can you make a deeper commitment to a more healthy diet and to eating in a way that is better for the planet? Here are three ways that you can take what you experienced with Meatless Monday and take it to another level.

1. Go meatless twice a week. Meatless Monday does a great deal to improve conditions on our planet. However, by committing to going meatless twice a week will make twice the impact. You could even take it one step further and make a commitment to try out vegetarianism or veganism. No matter what options you try, you can try to go beyond just once a week.

2. Explore food communities. Meatless Monday is just one of many food initiatives out there. There are many international organizations working on food issues. For example, Slow Food International, focuses on local food systems and seeks to preserve a range of traditional, local food cultures such as agricultural practices and local food processing. If you want to get more local, you could look for small farms or membership farms where you can get to know your food producers and others interested in local food. You could even start small and start a local vegetarian cookbook club or meet up. The options are endless.

3. Examine food waste and local food insecurity issues. We waste a huge amount of food every year--and that food has a distinct planetary impact.  The decomposition of the wasted food produces greenhouse gases and the production, processing, and transportation of the wasted food also impacts water, soil, and climate. It is worth considering how you can reduce your own personal food waste. Finally, research has shown that more and more people are growing food insecure. It is worth considering how you can share your own bounty with others through donations at local food pantries.

Previous post in the series follow.

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