Thursday, July 29, 2021

Nigerian Women Take on Chevron

A Niger Delta oil spill from about a decade ago.
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The New York Times published a fascinating piece about the impact of the Nigerian oil industry on women involved in fishery production in the delta of the Niger River. It is worth a read. After I read the piece, I couldn't help reflecting upon the wonderful book, Women Pioneers of the Louisiana Environmental Movement which I reviewed here in 2015.

Essentially, folks downriver from oil production were impacted in both locations by oil production. While Chevron is rebranding itself as a green(er, ish) energy company, they have legacy issues such as identified in the article. Oil production is inherently problematic and leads to pollution issues. Unfortunately, as the article and the linked book highlight, the impacts disproportionately fall on women. 

The Times article points out a complex series of issues associated with Nigeria's political situation. However, there is no doubt that wealth was extracted from the country at the expense of local Niger Delta fisheries  entrepreneurs. The questions remains as to if or when they will be compensated. Many parts of the world have benefited from Nigeria's oil extraction schemes. Local populations will be paying the price for generation due to lax environmental regulations.

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