Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Florida Python Hunt Nabs Giant 16-Foot Python

Florida Governor DeSantis kicking off the
annual python hunt. Click for image credit.
This blog has been following with great interest the rapid expansion of the Burmese python across Florida over the last several years. Indeed, my first post on this topic goes back to 2012. Since then, the python has greatly expanded across the state and wiped out lots of small and mid-sized mammals and other species. They have even been known to attack and eat alligators.

Each year about this time, the state encourages folks to head out and kill as many pythons as they can in an annual hunt. This is totally fine by me from a sustainability perspective. The pythons are invasive and have taken the niche spot of other predators that are missing from the landscape.  Make no mistake about it, the hunts barely make a dent in the number of pythons in Florida. There are tens of thousands of them across the state (some even estimate hundreds of thousands) and the hunt only brings in a relatively small number. Last year, the hunt only brought in about 60 pythons, although that number was probably low due to COVID. The biggest python caught last year was around 12 feet long.

News broke recently that hunters nabbed a 16 footer from the Everglades! Wowza. Check out the story with photos here. The pythons don't seem to be slowing down. All I can say is that we need a bigger boat (Jaws reference in case you don't get it).

If you search this blog for "python" you'll find lots of other Florida python content from over the years.

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