Saturday, June 19, 2021

Environmental Justice Quiz

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To celebrate our new national holiday, Juneteenth, I bring you a new On the Brink Quiz. This time the topic is environmental justice. Links to other On the Brink quizzes are at the end. The answers to the quiz are in the comments.

1. Environmental justice is sometimes defined as equal sharing of environmental benefits and ______________ . It also includes equal access to decision making processes.

2. Name the person who is sometimes called the father of environmental justice.

3. One US government agency has an office of environmental justice. Name the agency.

4. One of the most recent national examples of an environmental justice problem occurred when a community changed the source of a water supply. The new water supply was not treated appropriately and lead was released in household water sources. Name the city and state.

5. Hazel Johnson is sometimes called the mother or grandmother of the environmental justice movement. She focused on cancer clusters in and around which big American city?

6. A great deal of environmental justice work has been done in the United States. However,  there are international issues as well. Most recently, there has been tremendous concern in one country that has seen Indigenous lands burned and taken away in a quest to expand this country's cattle industry. Name the country.

7. The US contributes to environmental justice problems through plastic recycling. We send a great deal of plastic overseas for recycling or reuse and the majority of that plastic is mishandled or enters the waste stream of the receiving country. Approximately what percent of the plastic that is recycled is shipped overseas?

8. One relatively new area of focus in environmental justice is access to clean and healthy food. Many research projects have documented areas without comprehensive grocery stores in poor urban and rural locations. What are these areas called?

9. One of the challenges with the environmental movement within the context of environmental justice movement is that it emerged out of a largely white middle class political movement. One of the earliest environmental organizations, the Sierra Club, for example, was founded by someone with racist views (note:  the Sierra Club has made a distinct reckoning with this past in recent years). Name this founder of the Sierra Club.

10. Black and low-income individuals face the greatest health risk associated with associated with PM2.5 releases from particular facilities. What is PM2.5 and what are the facilities?

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Bob Brinkmann said...

1. Burdens
2. Robert Bullard
3. EPA
4. Flint, Michigan
5. Chicago
6. Brazil
7. 50%
8. Food deserts
9. John Muir
10. Fine inhalable particles; coal burning power plants