Saturday, May 29, 2021

Slow Food International Quiz

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Since it is Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer vegetable gardening season in the upper Midwest, I thought it would be fun to have a quiz about food--more specifically about Slow Food International. Many of you may have heard about the concept of slow food, but you may not know that the group, Slow Food International, is largely responsible for bringing the idea to mainstream culture around the world. Here are 10 questions to check your knowledge about Slow Food International. Answer to the quiz are in the comments. Also, check out links to other On the Brink quizzes at the end of the post.

1. Slow food began in one of the world's great food cities. Name the city.

2. The motivation for the organization emerged after protests in the city referenced above. The protests were around the planned opening of a fast food restaurant near an important landmark in the city. Name the restaurant chain and the landmark.

3. In what year did the protests noted in 1 above occur?

4. When the organization formed, an animal was selected to be part of the organization's logo. Name the animal.

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5. One of the critiques of the slow food movement is that it does not explicitly embrace a specific type of farming or a specific type of diet. Name the farming practice and the diet.

6. An outgrowth of Slow Food International is Terra Madre. What is the focus of Terra Madre?

7. In a very short time, Slow Food International created chapters all over the world. Approximately how many chapters are there?

8. Slow food focuses on local food prepared well, clean food production that doesn't damage the environment, and fair prices and accessibility of food. This philosophy comes into direct conflict with what type of food production?

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9. Anyone can start a local Slow Food International chapter if you have ideas around how to protect or promote your local food culture. What name is given to a local Slow Food chapter?

10. One of the newer initiatives of Slow Food International is Disco Soup day. What is the educational theme of this event?

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1 comment:

Bob Brinkmann said...

1. Rome
2. McDonalds; The Spanish Steps
3. 1986
4. A snail
5. organic farming; veganism or vegetarianism
6. Local food groups; supporting local farmers; meetings of local food groups
7. Around 1600
8. Industrial agriculture
9. Convivium
10. Food waste