Sunday, June 21, 2020

Great Lakes at Historic Levels

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The Chicago Tribune published an interesting article today by Patrick M. O'Connell about record high levels in Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes. It is worth a read here. As the piece points out, the shoreline in Chicago is seeing some significant inundation that is impacting access and threatening boater safety. The high levels are the result of global climate change associated with increased runoff associated with increased precipitation and warmer winters.

O'Connell notes that the Great Lakes have seen significant fluctuations in recent years and experienced record low levels just five years ago. The wild fluctuations are not normal and reflect the predictions of extreme conditions that many climate scientists have predicted as highlighted in recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Zora Neale Hurston Quiz Revisited

On this Juneteenth celebration, I wanted to revisit my Zora Neale Neale Hurston Quiz that I published back in April of 2015. I have long celebrated her writing as some of the most important 20th century environmental literature written in the English language. She has a distinct way of bringing elements of nature into her fiction and non-fiction that was relatively uncommon during her time.

The find the answers to the quiz, you can visit the original post here.

the original post follows.


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Zora Neale Hurston is one of what I call the Trifecta of early to mid- 20th century Florida women writers who had an impact on how we think about the environment. I've written about this trifecta here.

Hurston is perhaps one of the most interesting writers of the 20th century to call Florida home. She had a huge influence on 20th century writing and certainly on how we think about the environment in Florida.

1. Hurston is most famous for this book that depicts life in the Everglades for African American farmers. Name the book.

2. Weather is one of the most symbolic elements in the book referenced above. In what way does weather have a deus ex machina moment in the book?

3. Hurston wrote the above referenced book while living in this country. Name the country.

4. The book depicted a distinct human and environmental realism that was unique at the time. It was also very different from the tradition of this group (with a familiar New York name) with which Hurston is often associated. Name the group.

5. While a noted novelist and short story writer, Hurston earned a degree in this field from Barnard College. Name the field.

6.  In 1935, Hurston published this book that focuses on folklore from Florida. In it she reveals dozens of stories that have been passed down through generations--many of which bring in environmental or sustainability themes. Name the book.

7.  Hurston often used black dialect that was common in the south at the time. This was criticized by many for what reason?

8.  One of the things that I find refreshing about Hurston's work is that it shows people in relationship to their environment in very realistic ways. She also uses an abundance of environmental references. For example, Hurston speaks about her experiences as a black women in an interesting essay in which she uses environmental metaphors such as "For instance at Barnard. "Beside the waters of the Hudson" I feel my race. Among the thousand white persons, I am a dark rock surged upon, and overswept, but through it all, I remain myself. When covered by the waters, I am; and the ebb but reveals me again." Name the essay.

9. Although largely associated with Florida and New York, Hurston was actually born in this state and lived there until she moved to Florida when she was three years old. Name the state.

10. From the 1950's and until her death in 1960, Hurston lived in relative obscurity. She was buried in an unmarked grave in Fort Pierce, Florida. However a famous author revived interest in Hurston in 1974 when she wrote an essay for Ms. magazine titled "In Search of Zora Neale Hurston". She also dedicated a grave marker to her near her burial site. Name the author.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Seeking Chapter Authors for the Global Handbook of Sustainability

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(Note this is an archived post. For an update list of chapter authors click here.)

I am in the midst of a new project that seeks to bring together great minds in helping to better define and describe the growing field of sustainability. The book, called The Palgrave Global Handbook of Sustainability, is a different type of publication. The volume will have dozens of articles on a range of topics within the interdisciplinary framework of sustainability. If you are in the sustainability field, I want you to be part of it.

The articles will not be peer-reviewed, but instead will be published online after I complete a review and after they go through a copy editing process with Palgrave Macmillan. I suspect that once I get a draft of a chapter, I can turn it around within a week or two. The volume will exist online and edits can be made to your article(s) up until the completion of the entire volume (which I suspect will take a year or two). Once it is done, the entire volume will be printed. You can check out my introductory chapter to the book here. The volume should prove to be one of the largest and most important sources of sustainability information ever published.

If you are interested in being part of the project, take a look at the list below of main chapters. The ones that are highlighted have been taken. The others are up for grabs. You can also suggest a new chapter topic. I will update this list in future posts as the project progresses. Drop me an email at if you are interested in joining a great group of authors in the production of this important volume.

Part 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Organization of the Knowledge of Sustainability
Part 2. Environmental Sustainability
            Chapter 3. Defining Environmental Sustainability and Major Earth Cycles (could be 2 chapters)
Part 2a. Energy 
            Chapter 4. Global Energy Use Forthcoming by Volkan Ediger, Kadir Has University
            Chapter 5. Oil and Natural Gas and Sustainability
            Chapter 6. Coal and Sustainability
            Chapter 7. Nuclear Power and Sustainability, Forthcoming Aviel Verbruggen University of Antwerp and Ben Wealer, TU-Berlin
            Chapter 8. Solar Energy, Forthcoming by Anish Modi, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
            Chapter 9. Wind Energy
            Chapter 10. Hydroelectric Power Forthcoming by Bryan Karney, University of Toronto
            Chapter 11. Geothermal Energy
            Chapter 12. Other Green Energy Sources:  Wave, Tide, Current, etc.
            Chapter 13. Energy Conservation
Part 2b. Climate Change
            Chapter 14. The Science of Climate Change
            Chapter 15. The Evidence for Climate Change on our Planet
            Chapter 16. Greenhouse Gases and their Distribution and Production
            Chapter 17. Climate Change and the Spatial Distribution of Population Forthcoming by Dr. David Castells Quintana, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
            Chapter 18. Climate Change Challenges in the Arctic
            Chapter 19. The Evidence for Climate Change for Terrestrial Mammals Forthcoming by Dr. Melissa Grigione, Pace University
            Chapter 20. Greenhouse Gas Management
Part 2c. Water
            Chapter 21. Global Water Use Forthcoming by Dr. Hannes Müller Schmeid, Goethe University Frankfurt            
            Chapter 22. Water Resources:  Aquifers, Reservoirs, Lakes, and Rivers
            Chapter 23. Desalination Forthcoming by Dr. Gnaneswar Gude, Mississippi State University
            Chapter 24. Water Management
            Chapter 25. Innovations in Water Management: Agriculture
            Chapter 26. Innovations in Water Management: Industrial and Energy Applications Forthcoming by Dr. Helena Margarida Machado da Silva, Técinco Lisboa            
            Chapter 27. Innovations in Water Management:  Urban and Suburban Uses Forthcoming by Dr. Carlos Hiroo Saito, University of Brasilia
Part 2d. Natural Resource Management 
            Chapter 28. The State of the World’s Natural Resources Forthcoming by Dr. Gerry Nagtzaam, Monash University
            Chapter 29. Forests Forthcoming by Dr. Silvia Serrao-Neumann, University of Waikato
            Chapter 30. Wetlands Forthcoming by Dr. Carlos Hiroo Salto, University of Brasilia
            Chapter 31. Oceans
            Chapter 32. Prairies, Mountains, and Other Ecosystems
            Chapter 33. Endangered Species and Extinction
            Chapter 34. Parks and Public Lands
            Chapter 35. Ecosystems Services Forthcoming by Dr. Peter Mederly, University Kostantina Filozofa v Nitre
            Chapter 36. Urban and Suburban Ecosystems Forthcoming by Shannon Bassett, Laurentian University
Chapter 37.  Mining and Minerals Forthcoming by Józef Dubiński, Central Mining Institute in Katowice

            Chapter 38. Agriculture and Sustainability Forthcoming by Amer Ait Sidhoum, Technische Universität München
            Chapter 39. Organic Food
            Chapter 40. Local Food, Slow Food, and the Small Farm Movement Forthcoming by Dr. Hiran Roy, Fairleigh Dickinson University
            Chapter 41. Fish and Fisheries Forthcoming by Tahmina Ajmal, University of Bedforshire
            Chapter 42. Fish and Shellfish Farming
Part 2e. Waste and Pollution
            Chapter 43. Defining Waste and Pollution Forthcoming by Aarti Singh, Fore School of Management
            Chapter 44. Sewage and Sewage Treatment
            Chapter 45. Municipal Waste (Garbage) and Its Management Forthcoming by Dr. Christia Meidiana, University of Brawijaya
            Chapter 46. Industrial Waste and Its Management Forthcoming by Dr. Xiao Li, Yale School for the Environment
            Chapter 47. Medical Waste and Its Management
            Chapter 48. On the Sustainability of Graveyards in Urban Milieus Forthcoming by Dr. Zaheer Allam, University of Paris
            Chapter 49. Plastics Forthcoming by Dr. Tony Walker, Dalhousie University
            Chapter 50. Radioactive Waste Forthcoming by Dr. Céline Kermisch, École Polytechnique de Bruxelles
            Chapter 51. Air Pollution Forthcoming by Dr. Wilma Subra, Subra Company           
            Chapter 52. Water Pollution Forthcoming by Dr. Linda Schweitzer, Southern University Agricultural and Extension Center
            Chapter 53. Heavy Metal Pollution
            Chapter 54. Nutrient Pollution
Part 3. Sustainability and Equity
            Chapter 55. Defining the Social Equity Issues in Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Deborah Gallagher, Duke University
Part 3a. Sustainability in the Developing World
            Chapter 56. The State of Sustainability in the Developing World Forthcoming by Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman and Ms. Karpagam Dhandapani, Indian Institute of Information Technology
            Chapter 57. Human Rights Forthcoming by Dr. Florian Wettstein and Dr. Jordi Vives, University of St. Gallen
            Chapter 58. The Global South and Sustainability: Issues and Constraints Forthcoming by Dr. Innocent Chirisa, University of Zimbabwe
            Chapter 59. Islands and Sustainability 
            Chapter 60. Sustainability in Africa Forthcoming by Innocent Chirisa, University Of Zimbabwe 
            Chapter 61. Sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean Forthcoming by Dr. Cerian Gibbes, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
           Chapter 62. Sustainability in Asia, Forthcoming by Shannon Bassett, Laurentian University
            Chapter 63. Health and Sustainability in the Developing World, Forthcoming by Dr. Yibeital Alemu, The University of Queensland
Part 3b. Environmental Justice and Racism
            Chapter 64. Background on Environmental Justice and Racism Forthcoming by Dr. Alice Kaswan, University of San Francisco School of Law
            Chapter 65. Social Equity Forthcoming by Sean McCandless, University of Illinois at Springfield
            Chapter 66. Indigenous Peoples and Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Deborah McGregor, York University
            Chapter 67. Gender and Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Musarat Yasmin and Dr. Muhammad SafdarUniversity of Gujrat
            Chapter 68. Environmental Racism in North America
            Chapter 69. Environmental Justice in Europe 
            Chapter 70. Environmental Justice in Asia Forthcoming by Dr. Khohchahar E. Chuluu, The University of Tokyo
            Chapter 71. Environmental Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean Forthcoming by Dr. Belen Omos Giupponi, Kingston University London
            Chapter 72. Stakeholder Engagement Forthcoming by Dr. Christian Wells, University of South Florida
Part 3c. Education and Sustainability
            Chapter 73. Environmental Education Forthcoming by Sally McPhee, Griffith University
            Chapter 74. Children and Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Ria Dunkley, University of Glasgow
            Chapter 75. Informal Education and Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Musarat Yasmin, University of Gujrat
            Chapter 76. K-8 Sustainability Education Forthcoming by Dr. Allison Antink-Meyer, Illinois State University
            Chapter 77. High School and Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Melissa Grigione, Pace University
            Chapter 78. Higher Education for Sustainable Development:  Understanding the Concept, Roots, and Characteristis Forthcoming by Dr. Randa El Bedawy, The American University in Cairo
            Chapter 79. Sustainability at Colleges and Universities, Forthcoming by Dr. Leslie North and Cara Walters, Western Kentucky University
Part 3d. International Benchmarking and National Sustainability Planning
            Chapter 80. The Sustainable Development Goals Forthcoming by Dr. Marzia Traverso, RWTH Aachen University
            Chapter 81. International Organization for Standards ISO 26000 Forthcoming by Dr. Christoph Stamn, Université de Montréal

            Chapter 82. Human Development Index
            Chapter 83. National Sustainability Planning:  Australian National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development Forthcoming by Dr. Michael Howes, Griffith University
            Chapter 84. National Sustainability Planning in Malaysia Forthcoming by Dr. Florianna Lendai anak Michael Mulok, University of Malaysia, Sarawak
            Chapter 85. National Sustainability Planning:  China's Experiences and Lessons Forthcoming by Dr. XiaoHu Wang, City University of Hong Kong and Dr. Jinguan Xu, Fudan University, 
Part 3e. Urban and Regional Planning and Sustainability
            Chapter 86. Background on Urban and Regional Planning Forthcoming by Dr. Constance Carr, Université du Luxembourg
            Chapter 87. Urban Approaches to Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Michelle Beiler, Bucknell University
            Chapter 88. Urban Approaches to Sustainability: Transportation and Walkability Forthcoming by Adriane Hoff, Sustainability & Beautification Committee of Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council 
            Chapter 89. Urban Approaches to Sustainability:  Food
            Chapter 90.  Urban Approaches to Sustainability:  Zoning
            Chapter 91. Urban Approaches to Sustainability: Equity Forthcoming by Dr. Jenni Cauvain, Nottingham Trent University
            Chapter 92. Resiliency Forthcoming by Dr. Romulo Pinheiro, University of Agder
            Chapter 93. Green Building Forthcoming by Dr. Dat Doan, Auckland University of Technology
            Chapter 94. Green Infrastructure Forthcoming by Dr. Ian Mell, University of Manchester
            Chapter 95:  Regional Planning Forthcoming by Dr. Eva Durkarthofer, Delft University of Technology
            Chapter 96.  Tiny House Movement, Co-Housing, and Land Trusts Forthcoming by Dr. Elizabeth Strom, University of South Florida
            Chapter 97.  The 15-Minute City Forthcoming by Dr. Zaheer Allam, University of Paris
            Chapter 98. Individual Carbon and Environmental Footprints
            Chapter 99. Low-consumption lifestyles and wellbeing Forthcoming by Kasey Lloyd
            Chapter 100. Intentional Communities Forthcoming by Dr. Paula Escribano Castaño, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Part 4. Economics and Sustainability
            Chapter 101. Introduction to Economics and Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Eloi Laurent, Stanford University
Part 4a. Business and Sustainability
            Chapter 102. Sustainable Business Management Forthcoming by Dr. Juan Castañeda-Ayarza, Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Campinas
            Chapter 103. The Circular Economy Forthcoming by Dr. David Gibbs, University of Hull
            Chapter 104. Supply Chain Management and Procurement
            Chapter 105. Benchmarking for Businesses Forthcoming by Dr. Jay Ananda, CQ University Australia
            Chapter 106. Green Fashion Forthcoming by Dr. Luis Almeida, University of Minho
            Chapter 107. Green Investing and Financial Services Forthcoming by Dr. Artie Ng, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
            Chapter 108. Green Information and Communications Forthcoming by Dr. Quang Nguyen, Waseda University
            Chapter 109. Just in Time Production and Efficiency Forthcoming by Dr. Francisco Moreira, University of Minho
            Chapter 110. Green Logistics and Transportation
            Chapter 111. Greenwashing Forthcoming by Dr. Rizanna Rosemary, Syiah Kuala University
            Chapter 112. Business Ethics Forthcoming by Dr. John Ugoani, Rhema University
Part 4b. Economic Development and Sustainability
            Chapter 113. Background on Economic Development Forthcoming by Dr. Aaron Deslatte, Indiana University
            Chapter 114. Economic Development to Protect Natural Assets
            Chapter 115. Economic Development and Equity
            Chapter 116. Green Entrepreneurship Forthcoming by Dr. Ada Domańska, Sklodowska University
            Chapter 117. Green Technology Transfer Forthcoming by Dr. Festus Fatai Adedoyen, Bournemouth University
            Chapter 118. Green Economic Incentives Forthcoming by Dr. Razvan Hoinaru, Queen Mary University of London
            Chapter 119. Microcredit Forthcoming by Dr. Elisabete Gomes Santana Félix, University of Évora
Part 4c. Regulations
            Chapter 120. Crypto-Funding of Climate Change Mitigation and Conservation Efforts Forthcoming by Dr. Zaheer Allam, University of Paris
            Chapter 121. Introduction to Environmental Regulations Forthcoming by Dr. Jason Walter, University of Tulsa
            Chapter 122. Environmental Law Forthcoming by Dr. Antonio Cardesa-Salzman and Catherine Hall, University of Stathclyde Law School
            Chapter 123. The EPA and Its Regulations Forthcoming by Dr. Aaron Elrod, University of the South
            Chapter 124. Environmental Regulations in the European Union, Forthcoming by Dr. Ingrid Behrsin, UC Davis
            Chapter 125. Environmental Regulation in Asia
            Chapter 126. Environmental Regulation in the Global South
            Chapter 127. Protecting Water and Wetlands
            Chapter 128. Protecting Plants and Animals
            Chapter 129. Protecting Air
            Chapter 130. Protecting People
Part 4d. Culture, Travel, Tourism, and Recreation and Sustainability
            Chapter 131. Culture and Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. John Clammer, Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities
            Chapter 132. Ecotourism
            Chapter 133. Green Conventions Forthcoming by Dr. Hung-Che Wu, Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University
            Chapter 134. Green Restaurants Forthcoming by Dr. Renata Zandonadi, Universidade de Brasilia
            Chapter 135. Green Hotels
            Chapter 136. Cruise Ships and Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Daniela Buzova, University of Valencia
            Chapter 137. Green Athletics and Sporting Events Forthcoming by Dr. Brian McCullough, Texas A & M University
            Chapter 138. Green Media Forthcoming by Dr. Rizanna Rosemary, Syiah Kuala University
Part 4e. Consumerism
            Chapter 139. Global Consumption Patterns
            Chapter 140. Advertising for Consumption
            Chapter 141. Impacts of Consumption Forthcoming by Dr. Nancy Bocken, Maastricht University
            Chapter 142. Hoarding
            Chapter 143. Economic Disparities
Chapter 144.  Critical Discourses on Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Talia Stough, KU Leuven
Part 4f. Tools in Sustainability Assessment
            Chapter 145. Cost Benefit Analysis Forthcoming by Dr. Florent Pratlong, University of Paris
            Chapter 146. Mapping, GIS, and Remote Sensing Forthcoming by Dr. Christopher Badurek, SUNY Cortland
            Chapter 147. Benchmarking Forthcoming by Dr. Cagatay Tasdemir, Bursa Technical University
            Chapter 148. Community Engagement Forthcoming by Dr. Christopher Hawkins, University of Central Florida
Part 5 Historical Considerations
Part 5a. Human History and Sustainability
            Chapter 149. History of the Environmental Movement Forthcoming by Dr. László Erdös, Centre for Ecological Research Hungary
            Chapter 150. Prehistoric Human Development and Sustainability Forthcoming by Patrick Roberts, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
            Chapter 151. The Archaeology of Sustainability Forthcoming by Dr. Lynne Goldstein, Michigan State University
            Chapter 152. Sustainability in the Bronze Age
            Chapter 153. Sustainability and the Industrial Revolution
Part 5b. Great Figures of the Sustainability Field (note this list will expand and these chapters will be short bios)
            Chapter 154. Carl Sauer Forthcoming by Dr. Emilie Josephine Raymer, Harvard University
            Chapter 155. H.D. Thoreau
            Chapter 156. Aldo Leopold Forthcoming by Dr. Christopher Badurek, SUNY Cortland
            Chapter 157. Rachel Carson
            Chapter 158. Zora Neale Hurston Forthcoming by Dr. Nicole Anae, CQ University, Australia
            Chapter 159. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Forthcoming by Dr. John Ryan, Southern Cross University
            Chapter 160. Gro Brundtland Forthcoming by Dr. Anneke Ribberink, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
            Chapter 161. Michael Mann
            Chapter 162. Al Gore Forthcoming by Dr. David Marshall, Deakin University
            Chapter 163. Octavia Butler Forthcoming by Dr. Lisa-Marie Pierre, Bronx 
Community College
          Chapter 164. Bill McKibben
           Chapter 165. Dan Raven-Ellison
           Chapter 166. Francia Márquez
           Chapter 167. Vandana Shiva Forthcoming by Dr. Manisha Rao, University of Mumbai
           Chapter 168. Jan Gehl Forthcoming by Dr. Laura Scherling, Columbia University
           Chapter 169. Wangari Maathai
           Chapter 170. Paul Watson Forthcoming by Dr. Gerry Nagtzaam, Monash University
           Chapter 171. Daniel Quinn
           Chapter 172. Jane Goodall Forthcoming by Dr. László Erdös, Centre for Ecological Research Hungary

           Chapter 173. Julia Butterfly Hill
           Chapter 174. Robert Bullard
           Chapter 175. Edward Abbey Forthcoming by Dr. Alexander Menrisky, University of Connecticut
           Chapter 176. Naomi Klein Forthcoming by Dr. Nicole Anae, CQ University, Australia
           Chapter 177. E.F. Schumacher
           Chapter 178. Ray Anderson
           Chapter 179. David Brewer
Part 6. Organizations (again, this list will expand, but the text will be short in most cases)
Part 6a. International Organizations
            Chapter 180. The United Nations
            Chapter 181. The World Health Organizations
            Chapter 182. Greenpeace Forthcoming by Dr. Meredian Alam, University Brunei Darussalam
            Chapter 183. Natural Resource Defense Council
            Chapter 184. The Nature Conservancy
            Chapter 185. World Wildlife Fund
            Chapter 186. Slow Food International
Part 6b. National, Regional, or Local Organizations
            Chapter 187. U.S Council of Mayors
            Chapter 188. US Green Building Coalition and Passivhaus Forthcoming by Dr. Alejandro Moreno Rangel, Lancaster University
            Chapter 189. 100 Resilient Cities Forthcoming by Dr. Alessandro Coppola, Politecnico di Milano and Dr. Wolfgang Haupt, Leibniz Institute for the Research on Policy and Space
            Chapter 190. African Sustainable Energy Association
            Chapter 191. National Parks Forthcoming by Dr. Bhayu Rhama Universitas Palangka Raya
            Chapter 192. World Heritage Sites Forthcoming by Dr. Thomas Jones, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
            Chapter 193. UNESCO Geoparks