Sunday, April 5, 2020

Riskiest Fire Days Doubled in California Since 1980

The Woolsey Fire in 2018. Click for photo credit.
Scientific American is reporting that the number of high risk fire days in California has doubled since 1980. According to the study noted in the article high risk days are associated with warm and dry conditions and high winds.

The Mediterranean climate found in California is typified by warm dry summers and mild wet winters. However, in the last few decades, the dry season has extended into the start of the wet season putting California at greater risk. In addition, the dry season has extended into the time when California sees some extreme windy conditions which makes the situation even more problematic.

The study noted that the 5 warmest years in the state occurred from 2014 to 2018--a period associated with some of the most costly and deadly fires in the state's history including the devastating Camp Fire and Woolsey Fire.

The article notes that the state will continue to experience these types of extreme events and things may get worse as the climate continues to change.

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