Friday, April 24, 2020

Next 30 Day Sustainability Challenge Starts May 1st

Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
It's that time!

The next 30 Day Sustainability Challenge starts May 1. If you are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle, please join me and others as we recommit to living green. The challenge will be run on a closed Facebook group for 30 consecutive days starting May 1st. I will be live each day to provide sustainability information and coaching. You can watch my live videos any time since they will be stored within the Facebook group. Thus, you don't need to watch the videos live. I will post in the group the times that I will be live so that you can join live when you can.

The group will focus on 6 main themes during the challenge:

  • Theme 1. Greenhouse gases, energy, and climate change
  • Theme 2. Food
  • Theme 3. Sustainability knowledge
  • Theme 4. Consumerism
  • Theme 5. Waste and recycling
  • Theme 6. Transportation and community 
I hope you can join me. If you are interested, please drop me an email at to get into the group.

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