Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ten Tips to Green Your Valentine's Day

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My very first blog post on this site focused on how to green your Valentine's Day. I asked a class that I was teaching back in 2011 about their thoughts on how to make the holiday more sustainable. The ideas they come up with are...well...interesting. Check them out on that original post here. I thought I would replicate the exercise in one of my classes at Hofstra and what follows are my student's top 10 tips for how to green your Valentine's Day in 2020.

1. Plan a romantic experience (such as a nice walk) instead of buying gifts.
2. Make a romantic dinner together at home. Bonus kisses for meatless meals!
3. Don't buy cut flowers. Buy a plant that can be enjoyed or even planted in the yard when the weather is nice.
4. If you do buy gifts, wrap them in reusable fabrics.
5. Shop locally for any gifts and avoid gifts that contribute to globalization.
6. If you buy chocolate, make sure that the chocolates have the Fair Trade seal.
7. Find a way to volunteer together. Do a beach clean up or find some other activity that will show your love for the planet.
8. You don't need to send a card that will be thrown away to send your love. Call people or meet with them to tell them that you love them.
9. Plant a tree together so you can remember your 2020 Valentine's Day for years to come.
10. Turn out the lights, lower the thermostat. Light a candle and save carbon.

Do you have any other ideas? Leave them in the comments.

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