Sunday, February 9, 2020

Car Makers Off The Hook For Negotiating With California

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As the environmental rollbacks become even more surreal (check out this article on the opening of protected national monuments for mining and oil and gas exploitation), there is a bit of good news centered around the Clean Air Act. As this space has been highlighting for some time, the administration is seeking a major rollback of Obama era rules on greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. That is still going forward, but the good news is that the Justice Department is no longer  accusing several automakers with antitrust violations for negotiating with California in creating distinct emissions targets for vehicles.

As my readers probably know, the Clean Air Act gives California special rights to set unique automobile emissions standards due to their unique air pollutions problems. California's geography is such that air pollution can get trapped in its deep valleys thereby causing serious health problems for its residents. The current administration is seeking to strip California of this special right. However, for now, at least, car makers are off the hook for trying to work with California on pollution control. 

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