Sunday, January 19, 2020

The Two Reasons Why I Am Offering the Free 30 Day Sustainability Challenge

A friend of mine asked me recently about my new initiative, the 30 Day Sustainability Challenge which starts on February 1st. He wanted to know why I put it together. He knows I am busy writing and teaching classes and had plenty to do without taking on a new project. I thought I would share my twofold response to him.

1. We are at a tipping point and I want to encourage people to gain knowledge on how to live more sustainably. I know quite a bit about sustainable living and my friends have always joked that if the apocalypse happens, they would want to hang out with me to get through it. I believe that we can all do more to help transform our world and the 30 Day Challenge will help people make their green transformation.

2. I wanted to reach outside of the ivory tower and share what I know with a broader group of people. Universities are amazing places to gain knowledge and to share ideas. However, many academics do not reach out to the public to share what they know. It is my goal in the 30 Day Challenge to reach people interested in a green lifestyle who I might not normally encounter at the university.

If you are interested in the 30 Day Sustainability Challenge, just drop me a note with your contact information so I can get you into the closed Facebook group. No one will see what we are doing there and it is totally private. We will focus on six areas of sustainability;  1) energy and greenhouse gases, 2) water, 3) consumption and minimalism, 4) knowledge, 5) community engagement and activism, and 6) food. I will do live coaching every day within the group. Note that the coaching videos will remain in the group so if you miss the live event you can still see them.

If you are interested in more information, check out the video at this link.

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