Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Seeking Federal Funds to Deal with Climate Change without Mentioning Climate Change

Photo by Bob Brinkmann.
The New York Times published an article here on a topic familiar to many of us who have worked on sustainability issues in some of the states with leaders or legislators who deny climate change:  the verbiage required to seek Federal funds for climate change problems without mentioning climate change.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, it is getting harder and harder for politicians to have a stance that denies the reality of climate change. Articles like the one linked above point out how silly some of the verbal gymnastics becomes in such situations. Frankly, I have much more respect for folks who recognize climate change but don't want to do anything about it for economic reasons than those who wholesale deny the reality of the science in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence. The economic and social costs of tackling climate change are a real debate worthy of having.

Until the reality sets in to the political world that climate change denial is political poison, we will continue to have some politicians in some states promoting a set of facts that do not square with reality. You only have to look to what happened to the leader of Australia when he visited fire victims to see that we have already passed the Let them Eat Cake moment. People around the world are looking for leaders who will take clear action to try to solve our climate change problems.

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