Thursday, January 16, 2020

BlackRock Embraces Sustainability and Update on 30 Day Sustainability Challenge

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There was very big news this week that one of the world's largest investment firms, BlackRock, is focusing its investment strategy to focus on sustainability. This highlights something that I pointed out in my end of the year predictions that global businesses would start to step up to the plate to work on sustainability initiatives in the absence of coherent international leadership.
The statement from Blackrock, linked here, is worth a read. The company is making it very clear that climate change is real, that our basic economic systems are at risk due to our unsustainable practices, and that cities and their infrastructures are at risk due to global climate change. While some large companies have fed the climate denial public relations machine for some time, there is no longer any escaping the economic realities of climate change and other sustainability challenges. I see the BlackRock statement as a watershed moment in the history of the sustainability movement. Climate change denialism is a thing of the past. Certainly some will continue to deny but they are entirely not credible and cannot be taken seriously. We now need to focus on how to solve the problems we are facing and we need all hands on deck.


Don't forget that my 30 Day Sustainability challenge starts on February 1st within a free closed Facebook group. We will focus on 6 areas of personal sustainability:  energy, water, food, consumption, activism, and knowledge. In addition, I will provide daily coaching within a live Facebook feed. For more information and to sign up, click here.

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