Wednesday, January 15, 2020

30 Day Sustainability Challenge

I am offering a free 30 day sustainability challenge within a closed Facebook Group that will provide opportunities for all of us to ramp up our own personal sustainability commitment. I will be doing this along with the members of the group and I will do live Facebook events each of the 30 days to help coach you along though the challenge. We will focus on 6 main areas:

1. Greenhouse gases and energy
2. Consumption and purchasing
3. Food
4. Actions and activism
5. Water
6. Knowledge

We will also cover a number of other topics such as green entertaining, minimalism, and greening your work or school. If you are interested, just send me your name and email address at and I will get you into the group. I am also asking participants to bring in an accountability partner to help keep you on track. The accountability partner doesn't need to participate in the challenge but they should have access to the group. 

For more about this event, please see:

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