Sunday, December 22, 2019

Our Virtual Versailles

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Someone I follow on Twitter alerted me to this article in Vogue about what the editors of Vogue are doing over the holidays and what they hope to find under the tree. The responses are so over the top redonkulous that they are worth a read to get a glimpse into the interesting world of luxury fashion. I think my favorite response is one to the question about what they hope to open under the tree: "My ongoing project to convert my home into a concept store, much to the amusement of my flatmates, requires the addition of an onyx tray from Monologue London." I don't think I would find it amusing to have my roommate turn my apartment into a concept store. I also haven't obsessed over an onyx tray, but I am sure it is nice.

Anyway, I don't begrudge anyone a good time, or even a fun luxury splurge. My other half works in the luxury business so please have fun and spend away. Luxury items are often a great long-term purchase and are more durable than some of our fast fashion choices we have at this moment. However, the article does provide a glimpse into our popular culture at this particular moment of time.

We live in a moment when some of us live through the lives of others virtually via magazines, Instagram, and other social media outlets. They are showing us extreme luxury lives that, in most cases, are unattainable. It is fun to read about it and fun to point and laugh about it as well. The dark side of this is that social media also urges us to consume these items beyond our means. Just as Versailles set the trends for fashion back in the 1700's, articles like this have led us into a new virtual Versailles with all of the traps. Just don't lose your head over it. The things you own don't define you.

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