Sunday, December 29, 2019

My Favorite Music and Music Events of 2019

I thought it would be fun to start a new end of the year post and share with you some of my favorite music of 2019 along with some of my favorite live music events I attended. Note that the my favorite music of the year isn't necessarily new. It is just music that I found myself returning to over and over.

Favorite Music

1. Weyes Blood, Titanic Rising. What is it about this 2019 album that reminds me of 1975? Give it a try and get transported by the sound and lyrics.

2. St. Vincent, St. Vincent. I know I am late to the St. Vincent party, but my nephew turned me on to this album this year. Great workout music.

3. Paula Cole, Revolution. Paula Cole's new album is full of environmental references along with an abundant sense of eco angst. I know it sounds like a downer, but it is really a beautiful work with lots of hope and inspiration for activism.

4. Flor de Toloache, Indestructible. This isn't my favorite album by this all female mariachi band, but it is their newest. If you are new to them, go back and start at the beginning and work your way up to this odd mix of covers and duets (including one with John Legend).

5. Lo Mejor de Xavier Cugat. I think it is about time for folks to rediscover the sounds of Xavier Cugat. I couldn't get enough of him this year. Great music for a backyard BBQ.

Favorite Live Music Events

1. Akhnaten, Opera by Philip Glass. I love Glass' music and ancient Egypt. The two together make for a great experience.

2. Saturday Night Fever Legends of Disco. Growing up more punk than disco, I was dubious about this event. I always liked to dance to disco music but never thought about seeing it live. This event had about a dozen acts at the sweltering Coney Island outdoor amphitheater in the hottest heat wave of the year. Great sweaty fun.

3. Paula Cole at the Musical Instrument Museum. The museum in Phoenix has an amazing theater with very comfortable seats. The concert was intimate and a perfect venue for Cole's message.

I had several least favorite music events, but in the interest of positivity, I will take a pass at sharing them here. I'll just say that one involved broadway and another involved someone with Rainbow in their name.

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