Friday, November 15, 2019

Tofu Made by Burning Plastic in Indonesia

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The New York Times published a fascinating article by Richard C. Paddock today about the use of waste plastic as a fuel for kitchens that make tofu in Indonesia. As this blog has pointed out before, waste is being dumped in many developing countries that should have gone for recycling. The waste is sometimes used as a fuel. As the article notes, dioxins are released in the burning process and they have contaminated the land around the tofu kitchens.

Scientists studying the region have found very high levels of dioxin in eggs in the area. In fact, the levels are 25 times higher than US daily threshold standards and 70 times higher than what is set in Europe. Exposure to dioxin can lead to a range of health problems including Parkinson's disease, cancer, and birth defects.

The article is a good read and the images are striking. They show how our modern consumption is changing the world for the worse.

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