Saturday, September 21, 2019

Scenes from the Worldwide Youth Climate Strike

Yesterday, as a lead off to the United Nation's Climate Summit, youth from all over the world went  on climate strike. In New York City, public school administrators allowed students to skip class to attend and many schools around the world used the climate strike as an opportunity to do a teach-in around the climate issue. Millions showed up all over the world to send a message to our leaders that they are accountable to the next generation to do what is right at this moment in time. Greta Thunberg, who started the climate strike movement, was in New York to provide support.

Here are a handful of open access images from around the showing the impact of the climate strike. This is clearly a movement that has a future. The zeitgeist around climate change is changing quickly and that is a very good thing for our planet.

Milwaukee. Click for photo credit.

Denver. Click for photo credit.
Washington D.C. Click for photo credit.
New York City. Click for photo credit.
London. Click for photo credit.
Melbourne. Click for photo credit.

Uganda. Click for photo credit.
New Delhi. Click for photo credit.

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