Monday, August 5, 2019

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Quiz

A painting in the United Nations (photo by Bob Brinkmann).
It is time again for an On the Brink Quiz! Today's quiz focuses on the United Nation's Sustainable Development goals. Links to previous quizzes follow the questions. The answers are in the comments section. Good luck!

1. The Sustainable Development Goals evolved from the Millennium Development Goals which were approved by the United Nations during the Millennium Summit in 2000. In what year were the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the UN's General Assembly?

2. The Millennium Development Goals included eight specific goals (eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; achieve universal primary education; promote gender equality and empower women; reduce child mortality; improve maternal health; combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases; ensure environmental sustainability; and create a global partnership for development). In contrast, how many Sustainable Development Goals are there?

3. The Sustainable Development Goals continued to address some of the issues brought up in the Millennium Development Goals but broadened to include issues of the developing countries like climate change and green energy. How many of the Millennium Development Goals clearly overlap with the Sustainable Development Goals?

A chamber in the United Nations (photo by Bob Brinkmann).
4. Many of the sustainable development goals are clearly linked to the three pillars of sustainability (environment, economics, and society). Consider all of the goals, which of them are specifically linked to protecting our planet's ecosystems?

5. Each of the goals has specific targets and measurable indicators to ensure that there is a real metric that can be assessed each to evaluate progress toward the goals. For example, one of the goals is called Make Cities Safe, Resilient, and Sustainable. One of the targets of this goal is to Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world's cultural and natural heritage. The measurable indicator for this target includes funding and support for significant natural and cultural sites. The United Nations recognizes important cultural and natural sites by designating them World Heritage sites. How many world heritage sites are there in the world and which country has the most of them?

6. The Millennium Development goals were planned to be met in 2015. In what year is it hoped that the sustainable development goals will be met?

A painting in the United Nations (photo by Bob Brinkmann).
7. The United Nations recognized that stakeholders were important to the success of the Sustainable Development Goals and created several classes of stakeholders (such as business and industry, children and youth, and farmers. How many classes of stakeholders does the United Nation recognize?

8. The input of one group of states has been critical in the development of the Sustainable Development Goals. They are known by the United Nation's acronym as SIDS. What does SIDS stand for?

9. Each year, the United Nations organizes a meeting at its headquarters in New York to review progress on the Sustainable Development Goals and to allow various stakeholders and national representatives to network and share plans, progress, and ideas. What is this meeting called?

10. The Sustainable Development Goals are managed by one of the Departments within the United Nations Secretariat. Name the Department.


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Bob Brinkmann said...

1. 2015
2. 17
3. 5 of the Millennial Development Goals are similar (they focus on poverty, hunger, education, gender equality, and partnership for the goals).
4. 2 of the goals: Life on Land and Life Below Water
5. 1121 (as of this date: the number changes each year); Italy. For more information see:
6. 2030
7. 10 (see )
9. The High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (see )
10. The Department of Economic and Social Affairs (see )