Tuesday, July 23, 2019

More Species at Risk of Extinction According to IUCN Report

American elms in Central Park, New York. Click for photo credit.
The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) updated their Red List of Threatened Species this month. The group regularly reports on the status of over 100,000 organisms across the planet and makes recommendations about needed conservation initiatives.

The latest report is not encouraging. They have found that a number of groups of species are especially in danger:
  • Rhino rays in coastal areas of the world
  • Primates in West Africa (40% of the species are threatened with extinction)
  • Freshwater fish (50% of species in Japan and 33% in Mexico are threatened with extinction)
  • Several groups of trees such as Rosewood and the American Elm
There is no doubt that we are in a time of major stress for many of the world's ecosystems as a result of human activity. We have already lost thousands of species due to our actions. How will our planet's ecosystems do as we face significant impacts of climate change in the coming decades?

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