Friday, December 28, 2018

Top On the Brink Posts of 2018

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Each year I list the top On the Brink posts that were the most popular with my readers in terms of hit counts. I am always surprised by what gets the most love each year. Here they are in order of the most hits:

UN Week Part 5. What Cave and Karst Scientists Can Contribute to the Remainder of the Sustainable Development Goals. I spent one week of the summer at the United Nations representing the National Cave and Karst Research Institute. The final blog post of the week got quite a bit of attention in the cave and karst community.

Five Punctuation Tips for Writers. My professional suggestion blog posts are always popular. I hope that some of my readers found this post on punctuation useful.

Litterati App Gets NSF Funding for Litter. This blog post focused on how the new app called Litterati received funding from NSF for its improvement. I believe the App could be a great teaching tool and I would be interested to hear from any readers who used it for educational purposes.

Government Approves Coastal Drilling Few Want. There was a great deal of pro business and anti environmental news in the last year. This particular post centered on the approval of coastal drilling in Florida.

5 Tips to Make Professional Football More Sustainable. Professional sports organizations, particularly baseball, have embraced sustainability tenets. Some sports, particularly soccer and football could do much more. This blog post provided some suggestions as to how to make improvements in this area.

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