Monday, December 31, 2018

The End of New Year's Eve Balloon Drops in the Philippines

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When a nightclub called Cove Manila in the Philippines announced that they were going to break a record for the world's largest balloon drop on New Year's Eve, there was a quick outcry. The world is in the midst of trying to solve the growing plastics problem and a drop of thousands of plastic balloons was a bit tone deaf in a coastal city and maritime country beset by plastic pollution problems. 

While organizers tried to make a case that the balloons were biodegradable and that the balloon drop would be inside and easy to clean up, it was clear that the event was in trouble due to the public perception of the waste. Plus, groups like the Guinness Book of World Records are reviewing whether they should even recognize and encourage events like this that are harmful to the environment.

In the last day, Cove Manila stated that they are cancelling the balloon drop and more venues in the Philippines and around the world are doing the same. 

As you celebrate the start of 2019, consider how to lower the impact of the celebration on the planet.

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