Sunday, December 16, 2018

Climate Talks in Poland End with Little Progress

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Brandy Dennis, Griff Witte, and Chris Mooney reported in the Washington Post on the dismal outcome of the post-Paris climate talks that took place in Poland over the last several days. While there was some limited progress, overall, the talks did not address the increasingly concerning issues associated with global climate change.

It is clear that countries like the United States and Brazil are trying to position themselves to utilize their natural resources as they see fit regardless of global climate change rick. These nations and others are taking a short-term pragmatic stance rather than a long-term altruistic one. As a result, real little impact can be made in international policy and the world remains at tremendous risk from the impacts associated with our changing climate.

We are already seeing the human costs of climate change in places like Yemen, the low-lying islands of the Pacific, and the Arctic. As climate change accelerates, we will look back at the meetings in Poland as a lost opportunity. At the same time, it is important to plan for the future. As this blog has been pointing out for years, we will need to develop sound policy and science to aggressively reduce greenhouse gases in the coming decade in order to avoid some of the more serious issues predicted by the scientific community and we have to conduct sound resiliency planning in order to find ways to live with climate change.

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