Sunday, December 30, 2018

Circumnavigating Long Island Part 12: Dumbo to Gowanus

To many, Long Island has a very strong sense of place. In this series, I seek to highlight the distinct regional character of the place by posting photos taken while walking its circumference starting from my home in Port Washington, heading west toward Brooklyn along the shore, around the west end of the island, east to the southern shores to Montauk and Orient, and then back across the north shore to Port Washington. Since I have a day job and do not relish suburban and urban camping, I break these walks into pieces. 

For each segment, I stay on public roads, trails, and/or beaches that get as close to the shore as possible. I don't go on dead ends and I avoid dangerous stretches where walking is problematic due to traffic. Hopefully, the series of photo essays provides insight into the geography of this region at this particular point in time. Previous segments are linked at the bottom of this post.

Today's post focuses on northeastern Brooklyn. It starts just west of the Manhattan Bridge and extends past the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook, and Gowanus. The area closest to the bridges are pleasant residential areas that have some commercial and industrial sections mixed in. There are great views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty from the many parks that line the shore. The Red Hook coast is largely an industrial port site with many old industrial and warehouse land uses.

The Manhattan Bridge with the Brooklyn Bridge behind.

The Brooklyn Bridge.


Brooklyn Bridge Park and Promenade.

More of the park...

...there's even a small beach.

Even in some challenging traffic areas there's great bike and pedestrian lanes.
A Nets graffiti ad.

...not too far from a Mondrian gate.

Lots of great graffiti art all over the place.

Old industrial areas near Red Hook.

...and modern port facilities.

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in Red Hook.

Old and new...a modest amount of redevelopment happening in Red Hook. It's not Long Island City, but there is evidence of attempts at redevelopment.

Views of the Statue of Liberty are pretty good from Red Hook.

Valentino Pier provides access for kayak launches from Red Hook.

Valentino Pier.

Another view of the park.

There are a ton of old warehouses throughout Red Hook--a remnant of when it was a much more significant port.
Another old industrial view with port activities nearby.

A large lot is used as a farm.

There is a very large park called Red Hook Park that is near the Gowanus Canal.

Another view of the park.

Old abandoned warehouses in the distance.

Advertisement billboard featuring "Remember 9-11-01".
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