Saturday, June 2, 2018

Palgrave Handbook of Sustainability: Case Studies and Practical Solutions Now Available

This week I received hard copies of my recent book (edited with Sandra Garren), The Palgrave Handbook of Sustainability:  Case Studies and Practical Solutions. It is always exciting to get the final product of something you've worked on for a long time. The book is published by Palgrave Macmillan and is 871 pages in length.

Organizing a comprehensive book on sustainability with a global outlook can be challenging. However, we took a traditional approach in the first three parts and focused on the three E's of sustainability:  environment, equity, and economy. We followed the first three sections with a fourth that provides more holistic look at regional and local examples.

We asked the authors of the chapters to organize their work in a distinct way. Each was asked to conduct a review of a particular issue, say brownfield redevelopment, and then provide a case study example that would illustrate the issue. We also asked each author to provide not only a bibliography but also a further readings section that would guide readers into more in-depth knowledge on the topic.

We designed this book for anyone interested in practical sustainability solutions. Thus, it is a solid book for anyone seeking a review of the state of the practice of sustainability around the world. While we couldn't cover all topics and all regions, we think the 44 chapters in this book provides one of the most comprehensive assessments of international sustainability initiatives ever compiled.

To view the Table of Contents, click here.

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