Saturday, April 7, 2018

International Maritime Organization to Announce Carbon Reduction Plan

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Nature is reporting that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is going to announce new plans for the reduction of carbon emissions associated with shipping. Right now, about 2.3% of all carbon emissions are associated with the maritime shipping industry. The leaders of two competing plans are Japan on one side and the small island states and the European Union on the other.

The plans vary based on how quickly emissions will be cut. Unsurprisingly, the small island states, which are particularly vulnerable to rising seas, are pushing for aggressive reductions. Industry representatives want smaller incremental steps.

Regardless of how quickly the industry moves, it is one of the most significant post-Paris Accord agreements to emerge. According to the IMO, technologies are available to reduce carbon emissions by up to 75% in the industry.

The IMO has done a tremendous amount of work to reduce the environmental impact of shipping on the environment. For example, they have fostered agreements on ballast water releases and sulfur emissions. They plan to tackle the vexing problem of ocean pollution soon.

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