Friday, April 6, 2018

Funding Opportunity of the Week: American Geographical Society Fellowships

A 1914 Seattle street car map from the American Geographical Society
Collection. Click for photo credit.
Each year the American Geographical Society Library at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Library provides several fellowships for researchers seeking to use their extensive rare book, photograph, and map collection. The fellowships provide funding for of up to $2000 for expenses and travel for 2-4 weeks. Here is a link to the library and the fellowship opportunity. Milwaukee is a wonderful city and a great place to spend a few weeks on a fellowship.

From the library's Website:

American Geographical Society Library Research Fellowships

The American Geographical Society Library Research Fellowship program is intended to help bring to the AGS Library scholars who reside beyond commuting distance of UWM, and whose research would benefit from extensive use of the Library. Established by Helen and John S. Best, this fellowship opportunity now continues through the generous donations of members of the AGSL community who wish to continue the vision of the Bests. The Best family members are longtime supporters of UWM and the UWM Libraries and we are happy to continue to provide support for research in the AGSL collections.
Research projects supported by the Fellowship program must fall within the wide range of subject areas that could be supported by the Library. Examples include history of cartography (including cartobibliography), history of geographic thought, discovery and exploration, historical geography, and other history themes with a significant geographical component.
Fellowships can last up to four weeks and provide a weekly stipend of $500.00 ($2,000 maximum)* to help defray the travel and living expenses relative to the residency.
The awards will be made by the Director of the UWM Libraries, based on recommendations from the staff and Curator of the American Geographical Society Library.
The grantee is expected to be in residence during the term of the award, which may be taken at any time during the year. On the conclusion of their tenure, fellows will be expected to submit short written reports on their research and to make acknowledgment of the Fellowship program in any publication or dissertation issuing wholly or in part from the Fellowship.
Eligibility: Candidates for Fellowships are either established scholars, or doctoral students who have completed their course work and are at the stage of writing their dissertations.
To Apply: Application must be made in writing to the AGSL. The application shall include:
  • a two page letter describing the project to be pursued, the proposed end result of the project (publication, dissertation, etc), an explanation of how the AGS Library will be utilized in completing the project, and the number of weeks of support requested (up to 4);
  • a brief curriculum vitae; and
  • a letter of support from a reputable scholar in the field.
Electronic submission is encouraged. Applications may be submitted via email or by post (email:; post: Marcy Bidney, Curator, AGS Library , UWM Libraries, 2311 E. Hartford Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53211). The awards will be made by the UWM Director of Libraries, based on recommendations from the AGSL Advisory Committee.
Timetable:Applications must be received at the AGS Library by November 30, 2017. Awards will be announced in December 2017 for fellowships to be held during 2018.
For further information, write, call or e-mail:
Marcy Bidney, Curator
American Geographical Society Library
P.O. Box 399, Milwaukee, WI 53201-0399
Tel. (414) 229-6282
E-mail bidney at
* Please note: Stipends are subject to IRS withholdings.

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