Thursday, February 15, 2018

Queen Elizabeth Bans Plastic

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In welcome news, Queen Elizabeth II has banned plastic from her royal estates. The initiative is seen as a significant move that will help to provide an example to other organizations on how they can reduce or eliminate plastic. The BBC has also gotten in the plastic ban bandwagon.

The news comes as there is growing concern about the world's ecosystems due to plastic pollution. I have written quite a bit about plastic pollution over the years. Check out posts here, here, and here for some background on the global issue. There is just too much plastic waste in the world and it is causing problems for the world's wildlife.

It seems there is a report every day about some environmental problem associated with plastic. In Kerala, Inda, an elephant recently died from ingesting plastic. Even in the remote Arctic, hundreds of animals have been found with plastics in their stomachs--largely from the fishing industry.

Given the examples from the Queen and the BBC, it is worth considering what we can all do to ban plastics in our daily world.

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