Monday, February 26, 2018

Arctic Sea Ice at Record Low Extent

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Doyle Rice in USA Today reported recently that Arctic sea ice is at its lowest extent since 1979, the year records began. The total extent in January is 9.4 percent below average. This report comes just as a new study shows that polar bears are going hungry and having problems finding food in a changing climate.

Overall, the news from the Arctic is not good and has not been for some time. The two reports are just more evidence piling on to a massive amount of scientific information about climate change at the poles. It is these vulnerable areas, with their extremes in temperature and daylight, where scientists find the early warning signs of climate change.

Certainly there are many who are working to try to limit the impacts of climate change and to develop sound public policy. However, even in the face of extensive evidence, there are elected, corporate, and non-profit leaders around the world who are responsible for energy policy and production and who deny climate change. At this point, the only possible explanation for their continued intransigence on this issue is that they are focused on economic gain.

An emerging question is whether they or their organizations will be held responsible for financial losses incurred as a result of climate change if they continue to act against the goodwill of individuals and society when their is abundant evidence for climate change.

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