Sunday, January 7, 2018

Government Approves Coastal Drilling Few Want

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There is a line in the sand for politicians in Florida. It doesn't matter how conservative you are about the environment, you'll never get elected to dog catcher if you support drilling for oil off the Florida coastline. The same is true in other states that depend on tourism as a big part of their economy.

Which is why it is a bit of a surprise that the U.S. government declared that they are moving forward with plans to greatly expand coastal drilling in places where drilling has been banned. This includes the Arctic, Florida, and the Atlantic coastline.

The plan is deeply unpopular among leaders in the coastal states.

Florida's very conservative Republican governor, Rick Scott, came out against it as did many in the military. If the people via their elected officials are not behind the plan, who is?

There has been a widespread reversal of many environmental initiatives over the last year. As this article points out, the president recently stopped a study that was trying to assess how to make offshore drilling safer.

More drilling, less safety. On public land.

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