Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Most Popular On the Brink Posts of 2017

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A big thanks to all the readers of On the Brink over the last year. Readership of the blog continues to grow and I really appreciate all of you for visiting and sharing posts. Below is a list of the top three blog posts of 2017. There were some surprises in the mix. One never knows which posts will get the attention of the Internet.

By far the most popular post of the year was The Inevitability of Donuts and Green Energy and Why Coal Is Like Mariah and Renewables are like Bruno. This post brought together a bit of autobiography with some commentary on public policy. It is interesting to reflect on how this post still reads since it was written early in the year. I still believe its message is accurate. Renewables are as exciting and of the moment as Bruno Mars.

A short piece, China Outpaces the World in Global Renewable Energy Investments, came in as the second most popular piece of the year. There is a real concern that the U.S. is losing the technological edge on innovation in renewables.

The third most popular piece was Blacksmiths and Artisanal Coal. It highlighted that coal was a dead industry and that attempts to prop it up will fail like attempts to prop up old technologies have failed in the past.

It is interesting that the three most popular posts all had something to do with energy. Two of the three had a bit of autobiographical information.

Of course, my series on the National Monuments remain popular as does my series on circumnavigating Long Island.

I look forward to more posts in the year ahead!

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