Saturday, October 28, 2017

Edward Abbey Quiz

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It is time again for an On the Brink Quiz! Today's quiz focuses on the noted writer and philosopher, Edward Abbey. Links to previous quizzes follow the questions. The answers are in the comments section.

1. Edward Abbey's most famous novel focuses on a group of people trying to destroy the systems that cause environmental damage. Name the book.

2. In what state was Abbey born?

3. Although he was born far from the American West, he spent much of his adult life there and made it a focus of his writing. What brought him to the west to live?

4. Abbey had a love/hate relationship with the U.S. Government. For example, he was drafted into the military, hated it, and was discharged as a private. However, he worked for the government some summers. What did he do?

5. One of his most important pieces of non-fiction is Desert Solitaire. It focuses on landscapes of one state. Name the state.

6. Abbey wrote often about man's intrusions into the west and how damaging they were. His ire frequently focused on one dam. It is mentioned in many of his writings. Name the dam.

7. Although he didn't found the group, he is often associated with an important controversial environmental anarchist organization. Name it.

8. Abbey had many relationships with women and had five children. How many times was he married?

9. Abbey tried to be provocative and controversial in his writing. He felt that environmentalists were too passive in their approach. Throughout his life, he was a provocateur. Some believe that his radicalism derived from his upbringing by his parents who were rather liberal. What did his parents do for a living?


Bob Brinkmann said...

1. The Monkey Wrench Gang.
2. Pennsylvania.
3. He went to the University of New Mexico on the GI Bill.
4. He worked as a season park ranger.
5. Utah.
6. The Glen Canyon Dam.
7. Earth First!
8. Five
9. His father worked a number of jobs including lumberjack and school bus driver. His mother taught school and played the organ in church.
10. This is a trick question. He was buried by his friends in a sleeping bag somewhere in the deserts of the southwestern U.S. in an unmarked grave.

rock said...

Which of your buddies/profs went with his entire field class to his wake at the old entrance to Arches!!

Christopher Eliot said...

I missed 8 & 9. Here's one for you: Do you know what his masters degree was in, and what his masters thesis was about?

Bob Brinkmann said...

Sorry I missed your comment oh so long ago! Anyway, it was on anarchy and the morality of violence. It was a masters in philosophy.

Bob Brinkmann said...

See link.