Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Climate Change Costing Taxpayers Billions

An article by Michael Biesecker in The Chicago Tribune notes that climate change is costing taxpayers billions according to the Government Accountability Office. The office expects that the taxpayer burden will grow.

The taxpayer responsibility to pay for climate change is caused by crop loss, floods, hurricanes, fires, and a variety of other problems. While the EPA has been busy scrubbing climate change from its Website, and while it has prohibited U.S. government scientists from speaking about climate change, the public is not banned from paying for the costs of climate change that the government is busy denying. The burden for the costs of bad decisions by industry are being transferred to the public at large as the U.S. abandons a very modest attempt at developing climate change policy.

I am writing this from the Geological Society of America annual meeting where there have been many presentations by top-notch researchers on the clear evidence of climate change on our planet. The disconnect between the scientific community and the U.S. government is creating a rift that will have many long-term consequences.

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