Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Logic of Renewable Energy in the Caribbean

The Caribbean sun isn't just good for sunbathing.  Click for photo credit.
The Washington Post published an interesting article this week by Chris Mooney about the push for the development of renewable energy in the Caribbean--especially given the challenges that we have seen after Hurricanes hit extremely vulnerable islands. Local solar and wind projects can weather some strong storms while traditional electrical systems built around fragile grids can be out for months.

I remember after Sandy hit the New York area, many areas were without power for weeks. Solar generators were extremely useful to help people get access to energy.  They provided opportunities to charge cell phones and other portable devices. Now that solar technology has improved, it is relatively easy to develop home-based solar generators as well as some large-scale generators for vulnerable institutions such as hospitals, water plants, and nursing homes.

This is not the first time that the Caribbean had to rebuild after a disaster. This time, I hope that communities rebuilt with sustainability and local resilience front and center in their plans.

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