Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sinkholes of Doom--A Lecture Wednesday October 4th at Hofstra University

Click for photo credit. The image is of a sinkhole in Guatemala.
I will be giving a lecture called Sinkholes of Doom at Hofstra University on Wednesday, October 4th in the Monroe Lecture Hall on the campus of Hofstra University on Long Island. If you are in the area, I hope you can come. The lecture is part of the Science Night Live Lecture Series.

The lecture will focus on why so many sinkholes have formed all over the world as of late. It will review the geologic setting of sinkholes, why sinkholes form, and the dangers of sinkhole collapse. It will also review some fascinating sinkholes from around the world that impacted Mayan, Roman, and Spanish culture as well as those that pose risk in our modern era. The talk will also include a review of what we can do to avoid falling into the voids under us.

I promise that the Monroe Lecture Hall is not at risk of collapse and that the lecture will be sinkhole-free, except for the lecture part. For more information see here.

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