Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Climate Change Denial Enforced at USDA While Separate Government Report States Climate Change is Real and Problematic

Photo by Mario Gomez.
Two important bombshell reports on climate change came out over the last few days. First, there was news from The Guardian that USDA administrators are asking staff to no longer use the term climate change, but instead use the phrase weather or climate extremes. The other bombshell published by the New York Times is that there is a new official unpublished U.S. climate change report written by some of the top scientists in the U.S. government that states that climate change is real and problematic. The report looks at all the available data on climate change and makes a conclusive case on how and where the climate is changing. The Times got a copy of the report but didn't state how or from whom. However, it did note that there was concern among the authors that the report would be suppressed. It was put together for the U.S. congress as part of a regular 4-year report to congress on climate change.

Climate change cognitive dissonance will not go away. There are so many strange dualistic examples in our society like the one I outline above. For some reason, there is still a strong belief in some corners of society that climate change is a hoax even though there is a preponderance of evidence.

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