Wednesday, July 12, 2017

EPA Head Wants to Debate Climate Change While NASA Notes There Is Already Consensus

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One of the many cognitive dissonance issues of our current era is that the head of the EPA, who is a well-known climate denier, wants to debate climate change on television, while NASA, in its climate change Website, notes that there is scientific consensus that the planet's climate is changing.

Everyone in the field knows that the science on climate change was put to bed years ago. People who were skeptical in the scientific community have accepted that climate change is a reality. There are a few strange holdouts, particular those who are well funded by energy interests (like the head of the EPA).

The idea that there is a real "debate" over climate change is a red herring. That debate is long over among serious scientists. Most Americans understand that humans are causing a change in climate which underscores that climate change is a settled issue.

The real questions are how we try to modify our behavior to reduce greenhouse gases and how we can adapt to the changes in store for our planet. There is plenty of evidence that climate change is already impacting our planet in unexpected ways. Those who are trying to protect the interests of the few who have much to gain by us doing nothing are trying to distract the many who have the most to lose.

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