Saturday, April 1, 2017

New "Uber Green" to Use Entirely Organic Fleet

Uber's new biofleet. Click for photo credit.
A new article in the Washington Times is reporting that Uber, the car service company and app, is launching Uber Green to limit its carbon footprint. The new service will offer transportation options using burros and donkeys.

"We are really thrilled to enter into this new phase of our company," said Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. "Our clients have been asking us for green options and we have out competed Tesla to provide a totally organic experience for our passengers."

The first biofleet started today in New York City.

This Uber Green driver focuses on the Columbia University area.
Click for photo credit.
"I believe that burros and donkeys will add some much needed nature to New York City," said New York's Mayor de Blasio. "I have been trying to get rid of the horses that carry the heavy carriages in Central Park so I am very pleased with the Uber Green initiative because the company limits the weight that the draft animals are required to carry."

Some have critiqued the plan and question how the burros and donkeys will fit into the New York landscape.

Bike messenger Carl Cohen is not in favor of the new initiative. "I can barely find space on the street for me and my bike. How am I going to navigate the streets with a donkey in the road?"

Yet New York City gardeners are thrilled with the new initiative. "I have had trouble finding manure and compost for my tulip bed," said Shirley Wu. "I can't wait for Uber Green to start in my neighborhood."

Some Uber Green drivers are using the alleyways of New York City
to ferry clients around the city. Click for photo credit.
The Uber Green project is the brainchild of Melissa Long. "We have surveyed our customers for the last few years to find out what they are looking for in an Uber ride. By far, most people are interested in just getting to their destination. However, they are also interested in the experience and in being green. We believe that this unique organic experience will be highly profitable for us and for the drivers."

Henry Adams, a representative of the Central Park hansom driver association is glad that the horse handlers of Central Park have options. "I know that many of our drivers will be very pleased to diversify their options."

Traditional yellow cab drivers were not so happy. Filberto Yoark, a long-time cabby said, "We have enough asses in the city. We don't need any more."

For more information about Uber Green, please click here.

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