Saturday, April 29, 2017

EPA Removes Climate Change Information from Website

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The Washington Post reported here yesterday that the EPA has scrubbed extensive climate change information and data from its Website. As many know, the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, is a climate change denialist and this move, while disappointing, was expected.

However, what is lost in much of the news about this change is that the EPA still has a legal obligation to address climate change. This is long decided case law. President George W. Bush originally directed the EPA to work on climate change management near the end of his presidency as a result of Massachusetts et al vs. EPA and President Barrack Obama continued what Bush started. While Pruitt may deny climate change, the courts, including the Supreme Court, have accepted human-caused climate change as fact. As a result, if Pruitt dismantles policy, expect to see significant legal challenges. Ultimately, EPA's climate change policy has an extensive body of law to back it up and Pruitt will find it difficult and expensive to try to roll back the clock regardless of what he removes from the Website.

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Michelle Parks said...

Who will file and pay for the legal battles? I'm concerned that ordinary citizens will reach the point of exhaustion fighting so many fronts.