Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lowest Sea Ice Extent in the Poles Since 1979

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According to a new report from NASA, the winter sea ice extent at the poles is the lowest it has been since 1979, the year they started keeping accurate records using satellites. The total area that is missing is 790,000 square miles. This area is roughly three times the size of Texas or slightly larger than the country of Mexico.

Earlier this year, NASA also announced that 2016 was the warmest year on record. They equate the warming planet directly to global climate change.

In the mean time, the foxes are in the hen house.

Climate change deniers and energy executives are running the environmental policy of the United States. While having industrial leaders in cabinet positions is nothing new, what has changed in this administration is the presence of industrial leaders who are deeply hostile to the mission and rules of the agencies they are sworn to protect.

As evidence for climate change continues to mount, I expect that the public's temperature will boil over on these appointments and the overall hostility toward environmental protection.

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Michelle parks said...

I wonder if funding will continue for NASA to conduct such studies, produce the reports, and make them publicly available...