Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Robert Bullard Quiz

Robert Bullard. Click for photo credit.
It's time again for an On the Brink Quiz! Today's quiz tests your knowledge about Robert Bullard who is considered the Father of Environmental Justice. The answers will be in the comments section of the blog. Links to previous On the Brink Quizzes follow the questions.

1. Perhaps Robert Bullard's most famous book is called Dumping in __________ which focuses on the disproportionate siting of waste sites in neighborhoods of color.

2. Bullard received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in what field?

3. Robert Bullard started his extensive work on environmental racism in this Texas city where, at the time, all of the city owned landfills were in black neighborhoods?

4. Bullard, along with other colleagues, was responsible for urging the EPA to form what important office?

5. The Sierra Club gave Bullard their highest award in 2013. What is the name of this award?

6. Bullard noted after this important disastrous environmental event that the aftermath demonstrated not incompetence, but institutional racism at many levels of society. Name the event.

7. Robert Bullard was born and raised in which state?

8. Bullard served in which branch of the military?

9. One of the themes of Bullard's research is the siting not only of landfills but other LULUs in minority and/or poor neighborhoods. What is a LULU?

10. According to Bullard, what is the number one environmental justice issue facing our society?

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1 comment:

Bob Brinkmann said...

1. Dixie
2. Sociology
3. Houston
4. Environmental Justice Office
5. John Muir Award
6. Hurricane Katrina
7. Alabama
8. Marines
9. Locally Unwanted Land Uses
10. Climate change