Monday, January 16, 2017

Circumnavigating Long Island Part 3: Douglaston to the Cross Island Parkway

To many, Long Island has a very strong sense of place. I am seeking to highlight the distinct regional character of the place by posting photos taken while walking its circumference starting from my home in Port Washington, heading west toward Brooklyn along the shore, back around to the southern shores to Montauk and Orient, and then back across the north shore to Port Washington. Since I have a day job and do not relish suburban and urban camping, I am breaking these walks into pieces. Today's post focuses on the Douglaston Peninsula from Little Neck to the Cross Island Parkway. For each segment, I stay on public roads that get as close to the shore as possible. I don't go on dead ends and I avoid dangerous stretches where walking is problematic due to traffic. Hopefully, the series of photo essays will provide insight into the geography of this region at this particular point in time. Previous segments are linked at the bottom of this post.

There are a number of large and small parks along the coast  in many areas of Queens.

Another park near the Douglaston/Little Neck border. 

The homes in Douglaston seem rather Victorian in character. One does not feel like one is in Queens. The region feels much more like the rest of the North Shore in Nassau County.

Nice views in Douglaston.

Looking toward the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point.

Some of the homes in the region are quite unique.

Lots of repair underway from Sandy along the shore.

There is considerable public access to the shoreline, although some of the parks are owned by neighborhood associations.

Another Victorian stunner.

There are some luxury apartment buildings near the commercial district of Douglaston.

A glacial eratic rock near the marsh edge.

Apartment complexes near the Long Island Railroad Douglaston station.

These apartments rent for about $2000 for a one bedroom.

A pizza shop and a deli in the main commercial district. What else do New Yorkers need?

This image was taken from a bridge over a tidal stream on the very busy Northern Boulevard. The bridge in the photo is a railroad bridge used by the Long Island Railroad Port Washington line.

One of the great divides of Long Island is the Cross Island Parkway. Here, it hugs the coast next to a pedestrian and bike trail that hugs the western shore of Little Neck Bay.

The trail is quite nice with marshland and open water on one side and a very busy highway on the other. 

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