Saturday, January 7, 2017

China Outpaces the World in Global Renewable Energy Investments

A wind farm in China. Click for photo credit.
 The Financial Times published this fascinating article this week that provides more support for my broad narrative about the backward looking energy policy in the U.S. that was highlighted in a recent blog post.

The article, by Andrew Ward, titled, "Wave of Spending Tightens China's Grip on Renewable Energy," reviews how China is far outpacing other countries in global investment in renewable energy sources. The article notes that China plans to make significant increases in global renewable energy investment in the next several years. They already are spending twice what the U.S. is spending on internal renewable energy investment, but now are aggressively advancing their global advantage in renewable technology.

In the mean time, we have leaders who deny the reality of climate change and continue to support the past generation's dirty fuel source, coal. 

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