Friday, December 30, 2016

The 3 On the Brink Posts that Needed More Love

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In this final list and final post of 2016, I list the 3 On the Brink posts that needed more love. These were posts that I personally liked that didn't get a great deal of attention from readers for some reason or another.

As I have found over the many years of writing this blog, one can never predict which post will be popular. This brief post, for example, on the do's and don't's of twerking for university professors remains one of the most popular posts of all time. I didn't spend much time on that post yet it remains surprisingly popular. Others that are more thoughtful sometimes never find much readership. Here are three from 2016 that I felt needed attention:

1. The Flooding of Gilligan's Island. When news came out this late spring that some Solomon Islands were disappearing due to climate change, I thought more people would be interested in the news. My post tried to link the loss of the islands to American pop culture. It turned out to be one of the least popular posts of the year.

2. Memories of Harriet Tubman. I wrote this post when news came that Tubman would replace Jackson on the $20 bill and framed the issue within my own memories of her influence on my life as a child in rural Wisconsin.

3. Virgin Islands Subpoenas Think Tank that Denied Climate Change. I found this news incredibly important for a number of reasons. There is no doubt that there was (and is) a conspiracy to deny the reality of climate change among some circles. When nations or individuals are impacted by climate change, can climate change denial organizations be held accountable? That is the focus of this post.

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