Thursday, December 22, 2016

New Series: Circumnavigating Long Island by Land: Part 1. Port Washington to Manhasset

To many, Long Island has a very strong sense of place. I am seeking to highlight the distinct regional character of the place by posting photos taken while walking its circumference starting from my home in Port Washington, heading west toward Brooklyn along the shore, back around to the southern shores to Montauk and Orient, and back across the north shore to Port Washington. Since I have a day job and do not relish suburban and urban camping, I am breaking these walks into pieces. Today's post is from Port Washington to Manhasset. Note, some of the photos may not seem exactly seasonal since I started this project several weeks ago. For each segment, I stay on public roads that get as close to the shore as possible. I don't go on dead ends and I avoid dangerous stretches where walking is problematic due to traffic. Hopefully, the series of photo essays will provide insight into the geography of this region at this particular point in time.
The starting point at my place in Manorhaven.

Manorhaven street view. It is the most densely populated village in New York.

Private boat clubs abound on the island... do boat storage areas.

Sheets Creek.

Shore Road in Port Washington.

A Port Washington pier.

One of many signs on the Bay Walk in Port Washington.
This one highlights the region's history in commercial air travel.
The popular town dock in Port Washington.

Lower commercial district in Port Washington.

One of many yacht clubs on the island.

A typical north shore residential neighborhood.

Running trail near Plandome.

Looking toward New York City and Connecticut from Plandome...

...another view.

Plandome Heights.

A typical small Long Island Park, this one in Plandome Heights.

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Christa said...

What a great project and what interesting and lovely photos! I look forward to seeing your progress around the island.