Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gifford Pinchot Quiz!

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It has been a while since I posted an On the Brink Quiz so I thought I would take the opportunity of the 151st birthday of Gifford Pinchot to post a quiz about the first head of the U.S. Forest Service. Answers to the quiz are in the comments. Links to previous On the Brink quizzes follow the questions.

1. How did Gifford Pinchot's parents make their fortune?

2. While Pinchot learned about the environment in college in the U.S., his post graduate work in forestry did not take place in the U.S. because no university at the time had a program in forestry. In which country did Pinchot study the field of forestry?

3. His family endowed which venerable U.S. school of forestry?
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4. Like Teddy Roosevelt, Pinchot was a member of which political party?

5. Which president appointed Pinchot to be the first head of the U.S. Forest Service?

6. Pinchot was fired from the job because he subtly manipulated the media against the President at the time and had disagreements with powerful friends of this President. Who was this President that fired him?

7. Pinchot had a public argument with this notable conservationist over the Hetch Hetchy dam. Name him.

8. Pinchot did not believe in preserving nature for nature's sake. Instead, he believed in a different conservation ethic. What conservation ethic is he most known for?

9. Although Pinchot was born in Connecticut, he was governor of which important state that often swings in our current elections?

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10. Pinchot is especially known for his work on conservation, but he was also a strong advocate for this highly controversial initiative that left many less high, but dry.

11. When Pinchot took over the National Forest Service in 1905 there were about 60 public forests covering 56 million acres. When he left in 1910, the amount of public forest lands increased to 172 million acres (contrast that to today when we now have 193 million acres). How many national forests were in place in 1910?

12. Pinchot's first book focused on his work as a forester on a private estate. What is this notable estate that provided the inspiration for Pinchot's first important writing?

13. While many have noted Pinchot's fights with the public lands preservationist community in California during the Hetch Hetchy dam controversy, few remember his fights with those who wanted to develop public lands for coal extraction in one particular region of the United States. These fights ultimately led to conflict with very powerful people who sought his removal as head of the U.S. Forest Service. Over which region of the U.S. did this fight take place?

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Bob Brinkmann said...

1. Land speculation and lumber. They felt so guilty about the devastation wrought by their lumber activities that they encouraged Pinchot to study forestry.
2. France
3. Yale School of Forestry
4. Republican
5. Teddy Roosevelt
6. William Howard Taft
7. John Muir
8. Greatest good for the greatest number; wise use
9. Pennsylvania
10. Prohibition
11. 150
12. The Biltmore Estate
13. Alaska