Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Seas Rising Faster than Ever

My backyard will likely be flooded at high tide in 100 years.
The New York Times is reporting on recently published scientific articles demonstrating that sea level is rising faster now than any time in the last 28 centuries. Already coastal communities are feeling the impact. Miami Beach is flooding during extreme tides and many other coastal communities are expected to start to feel the impact soon if they haven't already. Seas are anticipated to rise another meter or so by the end of the century.

This new research is not a surprise to anyone who has been following the research on global climate change. Just a reminder, that in Florida and other coastal states, much work was underway on planning for climate change. However, some governors have entirely erased this work and associated information from state Websites when there was a change in leadership. In New York, and several other states, great strides have been made in assessing how best to manage climate change and is available. If you live in a coastal state, the news today should encourage you to find out what type of coastal management plans are in place for expected sea level rise.

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