Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S. in Thirsty Regions

Check out this list from Forbes on the fastest growing cities in the U.S.:
Photo by Bob Brinkmann.

1. Houston, Texas
2. Austin, Texas
3. Dallas, Texas
4. Raleigh, North Carolina
5. Seattle, Washington
6. Denver, Colorado
7. San Francisco, California
8. Fort Worth, Texas
9. Charlotte, North Carolina
10. San Antonio, Texas

What is interesting about this list is that 6 of the 10 high growth cities have significant water quantity challenges. The cities with abundant water resources (such as Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, and St. Louis) did not make the list of high growth cities.

It is also interesting to note that traditional high growth regions of the past, specifically the midwest, the northeast, southern California, and Florida, are not on the list. Dry sunbelt cities continue to draw people for the warm climate, low taxes, and economic opportunity. How long will the unsustainable growth last? Will leaders of these communities be held accountable for growing their regions beyond their carrying capacity?

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