Friday, December 18, 2015

International Bottled Water Association Fights for Plastic Bottles in National Parks

The American Bottled Water Association and Congressman Keith Rothfus
are fighting to keep plastic water bottles in the national parks.
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Who doesn't love the U.S. National Parks? They are an amazing national achievement in the U.S. and they serve as a model for much of the rest of the world. We preserve large areas of the U.S. for all of us to enjoy. I did a whole series on the national parks recently that you can check out here.

Due to pollution and littering problems in the parks, many have sought to ban plastic bottle sales.

This makes a tremendous amount of sense since the parks have a strong environmental mission. It is the job of park managers to make decisions in support of the long term sustainability of the land.

Of course, some group has to come along and wreck it. According to this article by the Washington Post, the International Bottled Water Association got the U.S. Congress involved and now Congress, thanks to a rider introduced by Pennsylvania lawmaker Keith Rothfus, is requiring each park to do a study on the justification of the water bottle ban prior to banning water bottles. Plus, he seeks to get rid of the bans all together.

I think we all know what this is really about. It is not about the best interest of the national parks. It is about money.

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